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Need knows no season, age, race, gender or zip code.



St. Matthews Area Ministries, St. MAM, has been serving the 40207 zip code since 1972.

We are honored to operate and maintain many services including:  Emergency Assistance, Early Essentials for Infants/Toddlers, Kids Closet, Food Pantry/Dare to Care/USDA/Homebound Delivery/Senior Commodities and Seasonal Programs.

Our mission
St. Matthews Area Ministries seeks to unite the resources and people of area congregations to effectively meet community needs. Through St. MAM, area congregations collaborate and partner with government, schools, businesses, and other non-profits to meet emergency needs, to stabilize families in transitional situations, to provide a nurturing and healthy environment for children and youth, and to offer resources for the benefit of the whole community.
Who we are?
We are a well-organized group of professionals led by a Board of Directors, Executive Director and Executive Committee. With the expert talent of our full-time and part-time staff and generous time from our volunteers, St. MAM operates a lean and efficient agency that supports the 40207 community and beyond.

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We are located at 319 Browns Lane.

Here are some important items:

The Food Pantry is open by appointment only. Please call 502-893-0205 to set an appointment.

Our hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 2pm


LG&E/Water Assistance

Email Sarah Banks at [email protected]

We're Grateful For Our Supportive Community

Please join us at any of our terrific events throughout the year.

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